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Four Reasons to Hire a PA

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A good public address (PA) system is useful for all sorts of applications. However, they are often expensive to purchase outright, depending on the size you might be looking for. In addition, large speaker cabinets tend to be things that are not easy to store because they must be kept inside but take up a large amount of floor space. On the other hand, opting for speaker hire means being able to get the right size of PA for your given venue, a lower level of expenditure and no ongoing storage hassles. Why might you choose to hire a PA?


One of the main reasons that a PA is hired is to provide music. If you rely on a home stereo system, then you can often find that it is underpowered, especially when it comes to providing the level of bass needed for dance music. Remember that disco did not die in the 1970s and nearly all sorts of social gatherings — from teenage birthday parties to wedding receptions — rely on some music to get the party going. All you need to hire is a power amp, a pair of good speakers and some DJ equipment, such as twin turntables or CD decks.

Quiz Nights

Have you ever been to a quiz night when you cannot hear the questions being asked? If you have a large room with lots of people taking part, then it can be almost impossible to make yourself heard as a compere. In such a situation, people have to be so quiet during the questions that no one is really able to enjoy themselves. With a simple PA set-up using a microphone and a couple of speakers, everybody can catch every word without any problems.

Live Bands

If you book a live band for your event, then you may need to provide them with a PA, depending on their set-up. Many semi-pro bands provide a backline of guitar and bass amps, but not a PA. You will need a PA to amplify other sorts of instruments, such as saxophones, keyboards and trumpets. A rented live band PA will allow you to hear the vocals properly and it will come supplied with a monitor system so the musicians can hear themselves properly when performing.

After Dinner Speeches

Speaking in public is tough and it is even harder when there is a group of people to make yourself heard over. A PA is the ideal thing for after dinner speaking which means that even people right at the back of the room can hear you. If you plan on speaking at a wedding reception, then remember that a speaker's PA can also be used to provide musical entertainment later in the evening.