Building a Home Cinema System

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Why Speaker Placement Is Critical in Your Home Theatre

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Did you know that movie studios spend a great deal of time and resources, together with an enormous amount of money, to create a first-class audio experience for your home theatre? If you want to take advantage of this, you'll need to really think about the placement of the speakers you get from a place like Tivoli Hi-Fi Pty Ltd. You may have invested quite a bit of money of your own to buy some  great speakers on the market, but you will need to place them carefully if they're going to be worth your outlay. Where should you start?

What Does It All Mean?

It is sometimes hard to understand the terminology used within the audio industry to describe speaker placement and functionality. You may be familiar with 'surround sound', but it can be difficult to differentiate between 5.1 or 7.2 when it comes to the actual description. To give you an idea, the first number refers to the number of channels designated for audio and the second number relates to an auxiliary effects channel, such as a subwoofer.

Setting up Your System

To get the best out of a typical high-definition Blu-ray output, you need to set up a system that has at least five channels and one subwoofer.

Begin with your two main speakers. You should place each one of these about a metre to the side of the television screen and make sure that you invest in good quality stands, so that you can raise them up to ear level. You should aim to make sure that your listeners are on the same level as the speakers when they are seated on the sofa or chair in front of the TV. Angle the speakers inward slightly so that they are pointing towards the centre of the seating area, for best effect.

Next, place a subwoofer somewhere in the middle of the room, in between the sofa and the entertainment centre. The actual position is not critical, except that you should avoid putting it too close to a boundary wall.

The third speaker fits in the middle of the entertainment centre, directly under the television and – ideally – also at ear level. The studios use this speaker to transmit the actor dialogue, as it will appear to emanate from the characters on the screen.

Finally, place the two surround sound speakers at 90° to the seating position and angled in towards the centre of the room. These speakers are used for additional sound effects, such as the sound of a crowd in the auditorium. This will give you the illusion that you are seated among them.

It's Worth the Time

If you take your time to set this up, you will get the most from your investment and fully appreciate the efforts of the movie studio.