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How to Choose the Best PA System for a School Environment

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When you're trying to make yourself heard and get across an important message at the same time, the typical school can be a very challenging environment. Many of the buildings are older and were not designed with acoustics in mind and the noise generated by often-boisterous students can exacerbate the situation. It's little wonder that teachers may lose their voice by the end of a week.

To help your school become more productive, keep those teachers happy and ensure that your pupils get good grades, maybe you should introduce a mini PA system for each classroom. What type of solution is ideal for your needs?

Understand the Basics

When you start to look around, you will see that there are many different solutions for this part of the market. Each miniature PA will come with a microphone, speaker and amplifier and they are designed to be portable, so they can be moved from one classroom to another if the need arises.

Look for Portability

You should begin by asking yourself how portable you want your PA system to be. Do you need it for a field trip to an outdoor location, as this will affect its configuration? While most of the systems are portable, some are heavier than others.

If you think that you will need a system for many different situations or some larger classrooms, you're going to have to trade its power against overall weight. When you choose a more powerful amplifier it will come in a bigger package and this will make it less portable. It's important to get this right, however, as if you take a smaller PA system outside it may not be very productive, as it'll need a lot more power to be heard in an open environment. In this case, you may overpower your smaller system, drain its battery power very quickly and have to deal with distortion.

Compare Music vs Speech

Next, you need to consider usage. With this be used for musical lessons and performances, or only by a lecturer? Once again, this will affect the power and therefore size of the unit, as music does require a lot more fidelity than speech by itself. If you're looking for help with a significant musical performance, then you can probably rule out a mobile PA system, as you need something with considerable wattage and capability.

Get a Good Microphone

Finally, think about the microphone. If your mini PA system is intended to be very portable, then it makes a lot of sense to find one that can work with a wireless mic. This may be a good idea anyway as it allows the teacher to keep both of their hands free for other work. Many teachers love to work with a headband microphone or one that can attach to their clothing.

Come up with a list of requirements and then talk with an audiovisual system provider, so you get the right solution for your actual needs.